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About Rick Mikula

​For over 35 years, Rick Mikula has been engaging audiences with his humorous way of looking at butterflies. He is currently President of Butterfly Rescue International and serves as consultant to both the Association for Butterflies and The International Butterfly Breeders Association. 

Rick is also the pioneer and inventor of releasing butterflies at weddings and funerals and has helped to make it a global phenomenon.  He wrote the award-winning, “The Family Butterfly Book.” And he has designed several live butterfly exhibits including the Hershey Butterfly House, the exhibit at Clyde Peeling’s Reptiland and at DollyWood.  

​Visit Rick's website at www.butterflyrick.com to learn more about the man and his butterflies.

This program is sponsored by the Hanson Park Conservancy.

Fun With Bugs! 

Insect fans of all ages enjoy Butterfly Rick's amazing collections!  Take a look through our photos of this year's and last year's presentation.

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