Please join the Hanson Park Conservancy on Saturday, April 21st at 10:00 AM at the Cranford Community Center, 220 Walnut Ave, for the presentation, “All About Owls” with The Raptor Trust. 

The program, featuring a live owl, is an in-depth look at the lives of these interesting and often misunderstood birds of camouflage. 

Attendees will learn about the special adaptations that make these nocturnal birds of prey such amazing nighttime hunters and get to know the 8 species of owls that can be found right here in NJ. 

This program lasts approximately 60 minutes with a PowerPoint presentation and an appearance of a live bird.  It is recommended for second graders through adult.  And is presented by one of the naturalists/educators from The Raptor Trust. 

This presentation is sponsored by the Hanson Park Conservancy.


Township of Cranford

The Raptor Trust, located in Millington, NJ, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing free care and assistance to injured, sick or orphaned wild birds.  Their aviaries house fifty non-releasable resident raptors, including hawks, eagles, falcons, owls and vultures.  Click here for more information.

The program is $5.00 at the door and open to the public.  No registration is required, but seating is limited, so please arrive early!

All About Owls